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VAS Portal

Sri Lanka telecom was looking at ways to offer personalized packages to its ADSL customers. SLT understood that the requirements of each customer was different and that standard packaged products was causing customers to compromise on usage and connectivity. By deploying a Value-Added-Services portal, SLT gave its growing ADSL customer base of over 200,000 subscribers the unique option of custom-tailoring their package based on their need.

This meant that customers could purchase anything from extra bandwidth to volume on demand, as-and-when they need it by simply logging into the online portal. Users could purchase speed boosts or extra GB, restore reduced bandwidth or obtain safe internet browsing facilities through web-filtering simply by the click of a button. SLT not only made these facilities available to users, but made them self-configurable making internet connectivity truly a customer-centric offering.

The deployment of the VAS portal marked a significant step taken by SLT in making internet connectivity a personalized service offering. By giving the customer the option of purchasing what they need when they need it, we have changed the way value-added-services are consumed- Priyantha FernandezChief Network OfficerSri Lanka Telecom Services available through the VAS platform have not only made SLT's existing ADSL offering more attractive, but it has monetized services for SLT, creating new sources of incremental revenue. This portal, developed by N*able, not only gave SLT a distinct competitive advantage over competitors but also changed the way Value-Added-Service offerings were viewed across the industry.

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