Human Behaviour Analytis Engine


Businesses just don't understand what their customers value. Marketing and product teams make assumptions about what people value through generalization, following trends and start with a sale first attitude- tweak, turn and change the presentation of the product to appeal to the customer. They are unable to create product that is inherently valued by the customer.

Athena helps businesses understand customers as individuals, not as segments, groups or markets. And when a business can understand its customers as an individual person, it is able to provide that which the customer values. It is the difference between a roadside peddler trying to sell you a quick bargain versus a trusted associate providing you a personal recommendation.

Human Behaviour Analytics Platform

Athena is a human behaviour analytics platform. It is able to collate data from multiple businesses, correlate it, creating a behavioural persona for every one of its customers and providing the best possible course of action a business can take to provide value to the customer.

Athena is an evolving platform, every interaction the customer has with the business is fed back into Athena, which it uses to craft a better understanding of that customer

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